About Jenni Juniper


Welcome! We’re very glad to have you here with us.

Our mission here at Jenni Juniper is to redefine home, garden and travel activities as means of enhancing and increasing the quality of your life and to demonstrate how each area of activity is naturally connected and to who we are.

Gardening, cooking and crafting, as well as designing, decorating and caring for our homes, are intrinsic parts of our humanity. In the beginning, these skills were necessary for our survival against the elements. They allowed us to provide food, shelter and clothing for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Today, global societies have advanced, allowing these activities to evolve into something more meditative and enjoyable, while keeping those primordial skills strong and healthy. By doing so, we keep ourselves, our families and our communities strong and healthy in mind and body.

Traveling is a natural part of this cycle as it enables us to see how each part of the world has put its own touches on home and garden activities, based on unique climate and geography factors.

For us, this journey begins in the great, northern country of Canada. Here, our often-challenging climate naturally triggers those primal survival instincts that have carried us through the generations to the point of not only surviving but thriving.

Personally, I have come to appreciate this remarkable country for all its cultural and geographical wonders, as a transplant from Southern California. The move has awakened long-dormant parts of myself.

Not only my inherent survival skills that were rarely challenged in such a consistently temperate environment but my indigenous heritage as well. How marvelous to be able to celebrate those things that for so long felt suppressed!

This site is, in part, my way of expressing my immense gratitude for how closely I’ve been embraced by this beautiful country and how it has enabled me to discover my authentic self.

May these recipes, gardening projects, home design and care inspirations, as well as travel ideas, start you on your own journey toward authenticity and getting reacquainted with the wonders of you.